Complete the Housing Options Wizard

Much of the social housing in the borough is in high demand and, depending on your preferences, you may experience a long wait before being made an offer of accommodation by one of the partner landlords.  Other options may be available to help you find accommodation or help to resolve a problem you are experiencing with your current accommodation.

Before applying for social housing, we recommend you complete our Housing Options Wizard. This tool provides a range of information and advice, as well as useful contact details, which you may find helpful in finding accommodation or helping in solving problems that you may have with your accommodation.

Some of the options available include:

  • Low cost homeownership and intermediate renting;
  • Private renting;
  • Mutual exchanges;
  • Social housing;
  • Accessible housing;
  • Mortgage rescue;
  • Sheltered housing;
  • Overcrowding and disrepair; and
  • Housing related support.

If the wizard identifies social housing as a possible option for you, the next steps will be to complete the social housing application form.