Tell us about changes

If you are have already submitted an application for housing but your circumstances have changed since your original application you need to tell us immediately by contacting the Common Housing Register Assessment Team.

You can tell us about the following changes:

  • Change of address

  • Add a joint applicant

  • Add other people to your application

  • Remove people from your application

  • Change your name

  • New medical condition or existing medical condition that is made worse by your current property

  • Any other changes 

We will update your housing application and assess whether this change affects your eligibility, level of priority award and property entitlement. In many instances the change may not have any effect on your application.

Please note: It is a criminal offence to knowingly or recklessly withhold information or state a falsehood, punishable on summary conviction of a fine. Your application may also be suspended for up to 12 months. In the event that you were found to have obtained a tenancy by deception the landlord would have grounds to go to court to seek an order to bring the tenancy to an end.