What happens next?

Application assessment

Once you have submitted your application it needs to be checked by the Common Housing Register Assessment Team. Your application will be placed 'Under Review' and you will not be able to view or amend your application until the assessment process has been completed.

During this time we may write to you to request any supporting information we need. This could include for example:

  • proof of identity

  • immigration status

  • details of a medical or mental health condition or a disability

  • about your current home and reasons for wanting to move

  • about you employment status, income, savings, assets etc.

It is important that you send us any information that is requested as quickly as possible to avoid delays in processing your application. If you do not return this information to us within the specified timescale, your application may be closed.


Accepted onto the housing register

If accepted onto the common housing register we will write to you with the following information:

  • effective date of registration;
  • housing reference number;
  • address details;
  • all people named on the application;
  • the area, property types and sizes selected;
  • priority band and how this has been calculated; and
  • the landlords you wished to be rehoused with.

We will also write to you if for any reason your application is not accepted onto the common housing register, setting out the reason(s) why and providing you with information on how to request a review of this decision.

You are not being considered for housing until you have received notification of registration and, if in bands 1 or 2, completed a housing solutions interview.  Please contact us immediately if any of the information on the letter is incorrect.


How long will I have to wait?

The demand for social housing in the Caerphilly county borough is high which means you will normally have to wait before being made an offer of accommodation. The amount of time you will have to wait is determined by a number of different factors including the band you have been allocated and your housing preferences. This is why it is important that you may wish to consider the range of other options before applying. 

You will not be accepted onto the common housing register until we have received a fully completed application form and we have determined your eligibility. The date you are accepted onto the common housing register is called the 'effective date' of registration.  We use this date to determine your place within the band which matches your housing need.

Your wait to be re-housed is also determined by the choices you make on your housing application form and the availability of housing in the area(s) where you would like to move. The more restrictive you are in terms of landlord, location and property type, the more likely it is you will have to wait longer to be rehoused.